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MLB Trade Rumors: Adrian Beltre to the A's??

I have already told you how much I like Adrian Beltre and how livid I was when Scott Boras took him to Seattle after hissteroid-induced 2004 season, so whatever team signs Beltre this offseason will be happy in one way or another. He is the best defensive third baseman in the majors, and I wish the Dodgers only signed Casey Blake to a one year deal last offseason, rather than a 3-year deal.

There have been rumors recently that the A's are looking at signing Beltre to man 3B for them. Beltre wil provide stability at third base which Eric Chavez has manned over the past few years when healthy. Should GM Billy Beane sign Beltre, he can expect Gold Glove defense, 20-25 home runs, 10-15 SBs and 80-90 RBIs.

Fantasy owners can expect the same, and may be able to wait a few rounds later than usual with Beltre coming off an injury-prone season in 2009 where he went 8-44-13-.265-.304-.379-.683. You can attribute the power outage to the shoulder injury which he got cleaned up in 2009. Beltre doesn't walk much, but he has been a consistent 25-90 hitter over his career hitting in pitcher's parks in Los Angeles and Seattle.