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Fantasy Baseball: UBA Keeper League Trades

I have mentioned in several of my posts recently that I have traded for some minor league prospects in my "Big" NL-only keeper league called the UBA league. I joined this league 3 years ago taking over a team that had finished in 11th place the previous year. I immediately started trading my best keepers in several 2-1 deals to improve my roster.

My first year in the UBA league was strange because, I decided in mid-late May to bail on the season and started trading my most productive players for cheap keepers and minor league prospects. But, as the season went along, I slowly crept up in the league standings to the point that I decided to change course and go for it. As it turned out, I finished 3rd that year and in the money.

In fact, I have finished in 3rd place in each of my 3 years in the UBA league, but last year's finish hurt the most. I traded some of my better minor league prospects (Andrew McCutchen and Jason Heyward to name a few) and Matt Kemp during the season to only finish in 3rd. Not what I expected when I made the deals obviously.

So this offseason, I have again decided to gut my team of my best keepers to rebuild, as I did in my first year in the league. Here is a summary of the deals I have made this offseason:

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Traded $10 S1 Casey McGehee for $5 S2 Yonder Alonso

Traded $1 S1 Wandy Rodriguez for $10 S1 Brandon Allen, $5 S2 Domonic Brown and the #7 pick in the minor league draft

Traded $23 S1 Andre Ethier for $5 S2 Michael Stanton, $5 S2 Jose Tabata and $5 S2 Andrew Lambo

Traded $22 S1 Huston Street for $10 S1 Eric Young and the #13 pick in the minor league draft

Brandon Allen and Young have a shot at making a fantasy impact in 2010. Allen, as it stands right now, should be the starting first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2010, but he didn't help himself in the Arizona Fall League where he hit .177 and struck out 33 times. He also struck out alot in his cup of coffee with the DBacks in August and September. Young, on the other hand, could end up in AAA to start the 2010 season as Rockies manager Jim Tracey loves him some Clint Barmes. Not sure why. Maybe it's the .220 batting average, but he is a good fielding second baseman. I think Young could play enough in 2010 to steal 20+ bases. Hopefully they aren't in AAA. Should he land a starting job out of spring training, he could steal 35+ bases.

I also targeted prospects who I think should make a fantasy impact in 2011, with a couple who could make their big-league debut in 2010. There is a good possibility that Jose Tabata will be given a chance to play everyday come June 2010. The Marlins Michael Stanton could also see some time in Florida this season, especially if he can improve upon his AA performance in 2009. In 299 ABs at AA Jacksonville, Stanton went 16-53-.231-.311-.455-.766.

In Domonic Brown and Andrew Lambo, I received two outfielders who could be starting in 2011. Brown could be ready to take over for free agent outfielder Jayson Werth, should the Phillies let Werth leave via free agency. Lambo had a disappointing season in AA Chattanooga as his power numbers dropped. But Dodgers director of scouting Logan White and director of player development DeJon Watson both feel Lambo can ave a break out power season in 2010. Time will tell.

As a result of these moves, I am left with alot of question marks in my keeper list, but I will have about $185 to spend at the draft, so the draft will be real interesting since it is full of power hitters like Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, and Mark Reynolds (my worst non-raise decision ever) among others.