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MLB Trade Rumors: Phillies to Allow Jayson Werth to Walk after 2010 Season?

The Toronto Blue Jays wanted a package headlined by Phillies top prospect Domonic Brown when discussing dealing Roy Halladay to the Phillies last July. The Phillies changed course and traded for Cliff Lee. This offseason, Alex Anthopolous asked for a package that included Domonic Brown. This time, the Phillies enticed the Blue Jays with previously untouchable pitching prospect Kyle Drabek instead.

Couple the fact that the Phillies refused the deal Brown with the fact that outfielder Jayson Werth will become a free agent at the end of the 2010 season, and one may conclude that the Phillies may allow Werth to walk after the season. By that time, Brown may be ready to take over in right field, In addition the Phils just signed Halladay to a 3 year extension for $20 million per year and already have the following salary commitments:

Ryan Howard-$20 million
Chase Utley-$15 million
Raul Ibanez-$10 million
Jimmy Rollins-$8 million
Placido Polanco-$6 million
Joe Blanton-a raise from his 2009 salary of $5.75 million
Brad Lidge-$9 million
Roy Halladay-$15.75 million

That's approximately $86 million to 8 players on their 25 man roster. That doesn't include what Shane Victorino will get in salary arbitration. The Phillies are becoming the Yankees of the National League.

That won't be the only reason for letting Werth walk. If Brown continues to hit like he has in High A and AA in 2009, and shows some improved power and defense in right field, he could find himself in the Phillies starting lineup in 2011.

Oh, did I mention that I recently traded for Brown in the UBA league, so I am rooting for him.