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Down on the Farm: John Sickel's Top 20 Phillies Prospects for 2010

Head on over to Minor League Ball to check out the Phillies Top 20 prospects for 2010 post the Roy Halladay deal. The Cliff Lee deal last year and the Halladay deal this week has decimated this system. But the Phillies like to draft toolsy type players, so any one of them could follow in Domonic Brown's footsteps in short order.

Here is what he said about newlyt acquired Tyson Gillies:

8) Tyson Gillies, OF, Grade C+: Draws walks, steals bases with outstanding speed, good glove, fun to watch. Most of his power came at High Desert; Double-A production could raise him to a B- or even a B. Could rank as high as fifth if you want to value his polish over pure upside of Gose, Valle, and Santana.