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MLB Trade Rumors: Johnny Damon to the Braves?

Last night, we heard that the Yankees were closing in on signing Nick Johnson to be their DH in 2010. That begs the question? Is Johnny Damon's career as a Yankee over now? Some seem to think so. His agent Scott Boras has his work cut out for him for sure.

Newsday's Ken Davidoff seems to this so in a tweet last night"

Yes, I think this is the end for J. Damon and #Yankees. Cashman seems serious re: budget, youth, payroll management/roster flexibility.

This seems to support my theory that Jesus Montero will make his debut in Yankee Stadium this year,

So who are the list of suitors for Johnny Damon? I guess the Angels could be looking at Damon as they have lost Vladimir Guerrero and Chone Figgins this offseason. Damon could take Guerrero's DH spot, and play some left field on occasion.

Or how about the Braves? The Braves need a leadoff hitter, and a left fielder. Damon can do both. But he will cost them some money. I don't see Damon getting more than a two year deal from anyone this year. But he could fit in the Braves lineup nicely. Damon went 24-82-12-.282-.365-.489-.854 in 2009, but I don't see him hitting 20+ HRs anywhere but Yankee Stadium.