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Fantasy Baseball: Javier Vazquez: Fantasy Stud.

When you head into your draft in 2010, I ask that you keep Javier Vazquez in the back of your mind. In 2009, Vazquez put up numbers worthy of being the NL's number two pitcher according to Keith Law.

Vazquez has been bounced all over the MLB, going from the NL to AL five times in his twelve year career. In all but four seasons in his career, Vazquez has had an FIP under 4 as well.

Much of Vazquez's success lies in his ability to maintain a high K/9 and keep his walks low. While I don't expect Vazquez to keep his K/9 at his career high of 9.77, or keep his BB/9 at it's second lowest total in his career, I do think Vazquez can put up good numbers in the national league. There really are no largely apparent signals that Vazquez will regress. His GB% was roughly 2% lower than his career average and his FB% was down about 5% while his HR/FB remained relatively neutral.

If Vazquez were again moved back to the AL, you could expect the normal increase in ERA, but if you're drafting Vazquez hoping for 200 innings, 200 Ks, an ERA around 3-3.50 and a WHIP hovering in the 1.10-1.30 range, you will not be disappointed.

If I were drafting today, I would happily take Vazquez over Chris Carpenter, Jon Lester, Matt Cain and I'd strongly consider taking him over Adam Wainwright (who's FIP had him pegged as an inferior pitcher to Vazquez.)