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Ask TROR: Fantasy Football Week 15

I know, I know, I've been more absent and missed than Troy Polamalu.

In my absence, I've been covering some of the top 100 prep basketball players in the country, getting a new laptop that I'm coming to you now on, and orchestrating my own fantasy success.

Now, If you're reading this article, chances are you've made it to your fantasy football playoffs. Congrats! If you followed some of my advice this season, there's a good possibility it benefited your teams the way it did mine. I made the playoffs in all leagues, and finished in first place in three out of four. Even better, I'm seeing dollar signs after I rode Ray Rice and Brandon Marshall, and won my division and scored the most points in my big bucks league. There's still money to be won and crap to be given to your buddies, family and co-workers in hopes you win your league, though.

Even with the best teams after 14 weeks, injuries can bog you down, and decisions and pickups become absolutely crucial. Do you stick with the big guns that got you there, or go with the hot hand?

With a Thursday and Saturday night game this week, injury situations and early decisions are crucial. I'll take those, flex decisions and anything else you might need help with. Bring on the questions, and good luck.