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MLB Trade Rumors: Cliff Lee involved in Roy Halladay Deal??

Ken Rosenthal from FoxSports speculated that the Phillies may be working on a 3-4 team deal whereby they would deal ace pitcher Cliff Lee to one of the teams involved in order to get the players the Blue Jays want in return for Roy Halladay. I was actually talking to a friend of mine yesterday saying that I thought that one of the reasons why the Phillies were going after Halladay is because they may have learned during the Winter meetings that either Lee wants to test free agency, or that the price to sign him long-term may be exorbitant, possibly CC Sabathia money.

I also heard yesterday that was reporting that the Phillies offered starting pitchers J.A. Happ, Joe Blanton and one of outfield prospect Michael Taylor or Domonic Brown.

If these are the kind of offers that Toronto GM Alex Anthopolous is getting, then I may have underestimated him, and the market price for one year of Roy Halladay. Am I the only one who thinks that Toronto may get July 31st, 2009 value for one year of Halladay?