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Fantasy Baseball: Early Mock Draft-Round 2, Pick 9.

Sorry for the delay guys, I've been swamped and Ray's been pluggin' along with rumors during the Winter Meetings.


Ian Kinsler. 2B, Texas.

My love for power/speed guys is not something I will hide. In his first season playing in more than 130 games, Ian Kinsler posted a 31/31 HR/SB line, while hitting only .253. Kinsler had a bit of an unlucky season with a BABIP of .245 when his career is .293, so one can expect an improvement with his batting average in 2010. The fact that Kinsler's average was pretty bad makes him an undervalued player coming into the 2010 season.

In 2009, Kinsler was probably draft near the back end of the second round and that was coming off an injury plagued season where he hit .319. If Kinsler does in fact improve his BABIP, he could be a steal at the end of the second round, when you'll be getting someone like Carl Crawford who does not have the power or 5 category ability that Kinsler does. Not that Crawford is overrated, I'm just saying, I'd like getting a guy who can nearly produce in five categories at a premium position over a pure speed outfielder.  .