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MLB Trade Rumors: Adrian Beltre to the Red Sox?

Yo Adrian!!! I have to tell you, five years ago when I heard that Scott Boras took Adrian Beltre to Seattle for all that money, I was livid. Being a Dodgers fan, and after seeing Beltre's juiced up 2004 season where he went 48-121-.334-.388-.629-1.017, all I wanted was for Beltre to stay in LA for the rest of his career. Obviously, that did not happen, but Beltre had a pretty productive 4 years in Seattle, not including his injury-filled 2009 season.

Beltre's first four seasons in Seattle went like this:





Beltre put up solid HR-RBI numbers in his career considering he has played the majority of his games in pitcher-friendly parks. Looking at how Beltre has fared in Fenway Park over at Baseball-Reference, he has played only 16 games in his career at Fenway going 0-4-.179-.299-.232-.531 in 56 ABs. Not very good.

But, I can see Beltre having a pretty productive season in 2010, should he sign with the Red Sox, as he will benefit from hitting in a fantastic lineup, and hitting at Fenway Park for 81 games. I can see a 25-95 season from Beltre hitting in the Red Sox lineup in 2010.