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MLB Trade Rumors: Roy Halladay On His Way Out of Toronto?

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There has been 3-4 trades made already this offseason, and the GM meetings haven't even started. With the GM meetings starting tomorrow in Chicago, I expect there to be several more trades made. The one that is most intriguing is whether or not Roy Halladay will be traded this offseason.

Well, new GM Alex Anthopolous...has already made his intentions clear-Halladay wants to win, and Toronto is only a 75 win team, so that doesn't meet Halladay's requirement to play for a winner. And apparently he has been actively involved in trade talks already this offseason. I don't see anyone on the Blue Jays roster who would be more in demand that Roy Halladay, although Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes seems to think he needs to trade for Lyle Overbay of all people. <insert expletives here as I just traded for 1B prospect Brandon Allen in an NL only keeper league>

I expect Halladay to be dealt this offseason, and there will be a number of teams looking at acquiring his services including the Dodgers, Brewers, Phillies, and possibly the Mets and Red Sox. What was J.P. Ricciardi thinking not dealing Halladay at the July 31 trade deadline?

What would it take to land Halladay this offseason? Certainly less that what the price was on July 31st. Could the Dodgers deal Chad Billingsley straight up for Halladay? Or would it require a couple prospects like Chris Withrow and Josh Lindblom? Could Milwaukee deal third base prospect Mat Gamel in return for Halladay? Or will the Phillies part with outfield prospect Michael Taylor or Domonic Brown. Could the Red Sox package Michael Bowden and Josh Reddick for Halladay?