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MLB Trade Rumors: Brewers Trade J.J. Hardy to Twins for Carlos Gomez

As has been rumored for a few weeks now, the Brewers have traded shortstop J.J. Hardy to the Twins for outfielder Carlos Gomez. The Twins get the shortstop they needed and the Brewers get the centerfielder they needed with the pending free agency of Mike Cameron.

This deal, on the face of it, appears to be a good deal for both teams. Gomez' value has to increase as he goes from being a 4th outfielder to a starting outfielder. The question is for how long. Gomez went 3-28-14-.229-.287-.337-.623 in 315 ABs with the Twins in 2009. He will have to work on his batting eye to maintain his starting role come April.

The Twins get J.J. Hardy who went 11-47-.229-.302-.357-.659 in 414 ABs in 2009. In 2007 and 2008, Hardy hit a total of 50 HRs and hit near .280 with an OPS around .780. The Twins hope he can regain the power stroke in 2010. His HR/FB% in the last 4 years were: 10.4%, 10.4%, 11.9% and 7.1% in 2009. Was 2009 an aberration?