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MLB Trade Rumors: Jeremy Hermida Traded to the Red Sox

The Florida Marlins are going through their second year of trading arbitration eligible players this offseason, and they started by shipping outfielder Jeremy Hermida to the Red Sox for two minor league pitchers I have never heard of. I am sure you all know that Hermida was once the top prospect in baseball, but he is one of the many who have never lived up to their potential for various reasons.

This deal benefits owners of Cameron Maybin. Here is what Joe Frisaro from had to say after dealing Hermida:

Florida expects to bring back Cody Ross, who also is eligible for arbitration, to play right field. The team's outfield projects to be Chris Coghlan in left field, Cameron Maybin in center and Ross in right. Coghlan, however, may wind up at second base. There is a strong likelihood that Dan Uggla will be traded.

If Coghlan moves back to the infield, the Marlins have several outfield prospects, including Scott Cousins and Mike Stanton.

"If Maybin slides into center field, Cody can play right," Beinfest said. "Stanton and Cousins are on their way. We thought we were dealing from an area of depth. And also, within our payroll, our allocations need to be in the best place to be most competitive. Obviously, [Hermida] is a second-time arbitration player."

Cousins and Stanton both finished the 2009 season in AA Jacksonville. Cousins hit .268 with 12 HRs, 74 RBI and 27 SBs in 130 games. Stanton went 16-53-.231-.311-.455 in 299 ABs for Jacksonville. But don't forget about AA outfielder Bryan Peterson who is currently hitting very well in the Arizona Fall League. Peterson went 7-49-13-.297-.368-.413 in 2009.

But, where does Hermida play in Boston? They have JD Drew in right field and Jacoby Ellsbury in centerfield. Could Hermida be the starting left-fielder in Boston in 2010?