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Fantasy Baseball: Early Mock Draft- Round 2, Pick 5.

Evan Longoria. 3B, Tampa Bay

At only 24 years old, Longoria has two years of major league time and already has hit a combined 60 home runs and 167 runs, 198 RBI.

Longoria made steps to better himself in 2009 by posting a BB% of 11% which is an increase from 9.3% in 2008 and a drop in K% from 27.2% in 2008 to 24% in 2009. If Longoria were to improve even more in 2010, you could see a bump in runs, RBI, home runs and average as well as OPS. Longoria's a bigger guy and doesn't have the speed to become a five category producer, but he does have one thing others his age don't....Consistency.

Bill James has Longoria projected to put up a slash line of .287/.370/.548 and an OPS over .900. He's also penciling Longoria in for 37 home runs, 106 runs, 120 RBI and 9 home runs. While James tends to project younger players (2009 projected Ryan Braun to hit 44 home runs: actually hit 32.) a bit optimistically, I think 37 home runs are definitely within reach for Longoria and think you should draft him and be happy with 30-40 home runs and over 100 runs and RBIs. If you are in keeper or dynasty leagues, Longoria is arguably the top 3B in the league and could easily be bumped into the first round next year. Now if only fantasy baseball incorporated UZR and other defensive metrics.