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Fantasy Baseball: Early Mock Draft-Round 2, Pick 4

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In the early rounds of drafts, one must focus on drafting guys that provide power and average as much as possible once all the 4-5 category players are off the board. I was tempted to draft Mark Reynolds here, but will instead go with the Yankees Mark Teixeira.

Teixeira, or Tex, is a model of consistency as he will provide you with 30-100-.290 every year. In his first year as a Yankee, Tex went 39-122-103-.292-.383-.565-.948, and lead the AL in HRs and RBIs. He accomplished this even though his BB% and HR/FB% dropped and his K% increased. His HR/FB% of 17.8% was his lowest in 3 years
even playing in the new Coors Field East-Yankee Stadium.

Bill James predicts Tex to go 36-121-.300-.395-.559-.954 in 2010, which I think he can easily surpass if he can hit above his weight in April, he could easily go 40-130 in 2010.