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MLB Trade Rumors: Marlins to Deal Josh Johnson

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It appears the Marlins may not wait till July 2010 to deal ace starting pitcher Josh Johnson per BP's John Perrotto's tweet last night:

Keep hearing #Marlins are very willing to trade Josh Johnson right now for the right package.

His availability may delay the Blue Jays in dealing Roy Halladay as Johnson will probably have the same suitors as Halladay. JJ is also cheaper than Halladay in terms of salary, and is younger. But, the price tag will be pretty high to obtain Johnson's services, as they should be.

Who will be interested in dealing for Johnson? All 29 teams in MLB, but not all 29 teams would be able to, or willing, to give up the package needed to obtain Johnson.

The Winter Meetings start on December 7th, and this rumor will make them all the more interesting.