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Fantasy Baseball: Early Mock Draft- Round 2, Pick 1.

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Tim Lincecum. SP, SF.

Yeah, that's right. First pitcher off the board. If you're drafting hitters based on 5x5 categories, chances are you are in a league that counts 5x5 for pitching also. I think it's fairly clear that Lincecum is the best pitcher in the game right now and he should dominate at least three categories and put up a decent win total as well. I am among the few who don't draft a pitcher based on previous win totals and I don't put a ton of thought into supporting cast. Here are a few reasons....

-K/9: While his K/9 dropped off slightly, 10.42 led the major leagues for starters and is nothing to scoff at.

-GB% increase from 43.8 in 2008 to 47.5 in 2009.

-BB/9 drop from 3.33 in 2008 to 2.72 in 2009.

Since Lincecum has pitched in the Majors for two full years and a partial year in 2007, one can see improvement but I wouldn't get overly excited. If there is one pitcher in the major leagues right now that can strike out 300 batters in a season, it's Lincecum. For that, I will happily draft him in the beginning of the second round. If only the Giants would acquire a bat or six, Lincecum could win more than 15 games.