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John Sickels Interview with Billy Beane

Be sure to head on over to to check out John Sickel's interview with A's GM Billy's very good. Here is what Beane had to say about third base prospect Brett Wallace:

     The other big bat in Triple-A is Brett Wallace. Can he stick at third base?

     Well we don't know for sure yet, but we won't take him off third base until he proves he can't handle it. His bat has come very quickly, he was just a year out of college and hit well in Triple-A. The bat looks special to us. Sometimes with guys like that, the glove gets panned by scouts just because the bat has come so quickly and they are looking for something to criticize. Also, I think Brett's defense gets panned unfairly because of the way his body looks.

He also asks about Chris Carter, AFL MVP Grant Desme and some of their young pitching prospects.