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Fantasy Football: Slaton Fumbles His Way To The Bench.

Steve Slaton- How many of you had your week dumped on by Gary Kubiak? How dare he bench many people's top fantasy football running back against the worst rush defense in the NFL? Slaton fumbled for the seventh time on the season and was benched for the remainder of the game.See below for the rest. 

Ryan Moats- Moats was brought into the game after Slaton coughed up his job in the first quarter of the Texan's game against the Bills and never looked back. As previously mentioned, the worst rush defense in the NFL allowed Moats to rush for 126 yards on 23 carries with three touchdowns. Kubiak isn't giving any information as to what the future holds but my guess is that Slaton will get carries in between the 20's and Moats will get the goal line carries with a few carries here and there. I just find it unlikely that the Texans bench their 23-year old running back of the future after such a strong rookie season.

Owen Daniels- Keeping with the theme of letdowns, Owen Daniels is out for the season with a knee injury that will require surgery. The Texans will probably be using Joel Dreessen in the tight end spot. I don't expect anything of him, but I can see Schaub targeting Kevin Walter a bit more. If you've got Walter, I'd hold onto him for a bit and see what happens.

Joe Flacco- Posted a QB rating of 109.2 but only threw for 175 yards and one touchdown. Denver's defense has allowed only 170 yards per game to opposing QBs and ranks sixth in the NFL in yardage against, so it's not totally surprising that Flacco didn't have an excellent day. Flacco will have to face the defenses of Green Bay, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Cincinnati, so play him wisely.

Ray Rice- 23 carries, 84 yards and one rushing touchdown with 5 receptions for 24 yards. Rice continues to be one of the more productive running backs in the NFL, despite facing a few solid defenses. Because Rice has so many touches in the rushing game and receptions, he can be a viable fantasy option week in and week out and I fully expect Rice to finish the season as a top 10, if not top 5 fantasy running back in 2009/2010.

Brandon Marshall- After putting up  number one receiver stats over the last few weeks, Marshall and the Broncos failed to put up even decent numbers against a pass defense that ranks right about the middle of the pack in receiving yards against.

Jay Cutler- 17/30, 225 yards, 0 TD 1 INT. Against another middle of the pack pass offense, Cutler puts up rather boring numbers. Expect him to do this a few more times, just when it happens is up to us to find out.

Matt Forte- It took Forte twenty three carries to still not break 100 yards (90) but Forte made up for for it with two TDs. He's averaging 3.5 YPC in 2009 and I has a fairly brutal schedule ahead of him against the defenses of Arizona, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Green Bay, Baltimore and Minnesota again. If there was a time to sell high on Forte it was before he stepped foot on the field this season. But since you can't turn back time, I'd try moving him immediately.

Devin Hester- Caught seven passes for 81 yards and moved up into the top 20 in receptions and yardage. Hester has the same nasty schedule as Forte (obviously) and if you can get something for him, I would try and pull the trigger. If not, hope he keeps catching passes and hope he can get you a big play here and there.

Matt Hasselbeck- While the Seahawks looked pretty awful, Hasselbeck put up quality numbers. The problem in Seattle is the offensive line (or lack of) and I can see Hasselbeck having good games, but I can also see him having bad games if he's pressured. The Seahawks will face a good number of mediocre/bad defenses from here on out, so count on Hasselbeck to be a decent play.

Nate Burleson- 6 receptions for 89 yards and a lost fumble. Burleson has stepped up to be the one of the favorite receivers in  Seattle in 2009 and T.J. Houshmandzadeh isn't a fan. I'd be happy and confident starting Burleson on a weekly basis as he should put up decent numbers week in and week out.

Deion Branch- Hopefully you didn't add him to your team after his 3/38 with 1 TD outing last night. With so many options in Seattle, I don't see Branch being a useful option in 2009. 

Tony Romo- Been a top 10 fantasy QB in 2009 and there's no reason to think he'll be any different from here on out. He may have times where he's wildly inconsistent, but Dallas still has a good offense and with the emergence of Miles Austin, Romo has someone to throw to.

Miles Austin- Over his last three games, Austin has had 21 receptions, 482 yards and five TDs. Romo seems to have found his new favorite receiver in Dallas and it's not Roy Williams.

Josh Brown- Now has half as many TDs as JaMarcus Russell. That is all.

Steven Jackson- Tied for second in the NFL in yardage, Jackson has only scored once so far this season but continues to rack up the yards with a 22/149 performance and his first score on the season. Don't expect him to finish the season with only one touchdown but it's safe to say he will remain near the top of the league for yardage, and the scores should come.

Frank Gore- 91 rushing yards on 14 carries with a 64-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. Gore continues to be one of the more flukey players in 2009 and if he doesn't break off a large run, I have a hard time seeing Gore produce numbers deserving of where you drafted him.

Michael Crabtree- In his second ever game in the NFL, Crabtree caught six passes for 81 yards, but likely lost you some points on a fumble. It seems like the 49ers are trying to get the ball in their bet receiver's hands and I don't expect that to diminish at this point. Sure, he'll have games where he excels, but he'll also have games where he will give you nothing. Do with that what you will.

Indianapolis Offense- They are good, start them. How many times are we going to see Peyton Manning put up 347 yards and still throw one less touchdown than Joesph Addai?

Ronnie Brown- 11 rushes for 27 yards. Brown put up a 3.5 YPC against the Jets in their week five meeting but has a schedule consisting of some of the worst opponents against the run including Carolina, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Houston and Jacksonville in the fantasy playoffs. If you can buy low on Brown, now's the time to do so.

Brandon Jacobs- Was given the ball 20 times and rushed for a 4.3 YPC but failed to score yet again. Ahmad Bradshaw was given the ball only nine times, but scored once with his longest run being 4 yards. He's been a bit injured as of late, so expect Jacobs to return to getting a large portion of carries and expect that TD total to climb.

Giants WRs- Steve Smith led the Giants with 8 catches, which is twice as many as the runner up Hakeem Nicks. I'm still playing Steve Smith every week as it looks like Eli still likes him as the go-to guy in New York.

DeSean Jackson- Only three catches, but scored and finished with 78 yards. Jackson is one of the most dangerous players on the field and can score on any play if he gets the ball. I don't want that kind of guy to rely on as my number one, but have no problems using him as a 2 or 3. Just don't expect him to lead the team in catches and yards every week as most of his plays are big plays.

Vincent Jackson- 8 receptions, 103 yards, 1 TD. If you can, trade for him right now. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he ends up as a top five receiver at season end. I guess that's really not "out on a limb" since he's already there. But yeah. Go get him.

Maurice Jones-Drew- 8 rushes, 177 yards and 2 rush TDs. That's a 22.1 average for those of you getting ready to break out the calculator. Even with a small amount of touches, he still seems to be a very productive fantasy running back.

Chris Johnson- 24 rushes for 228 yards and 2 TDs. This is Johnson's second game where he's topped over 200 yards of offense. My guess is that he doesn't do it again, but if anyone will, it'll be  him. Use him confidently week in and week out as he's all they've got in Tennessee.

Greg Jennings- 8 receptions for 88 yards and a score. Your chance to buy low on Jennings may have just gone out the window.

Jonathan Stewart- If Stewart can continue to get 12-17 carries a game, I fully expect him to be a viable RB2, but since I can't guarantee anything, I feel confident starting him at flex on a weekly basis.

Kurt Warner- 5 interceptions. It's like the 2008/2009 playoffs...The better team coughed the game up.