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MLB Trade Rumors: Manny Ramirez to be Traded?

Bob Keisser from the Long Beach Press Telegram reports that the Dodgers have been contacted about the availability of Manny Ramirez. Here is what he wrote:

A baseball insider says the club has been contacted by an American League team that is interested in Manny Ramirez if the team will pay part of his $20 million salary for 2010. It's a team that plays in a very mediocre division, has a few team officials familiar with Ramirez, and always needs a bump in notoriety.

I am sure the AL team is trying to take advantage of the Frank McCourt divorce situation to get Manny on the cheap. But then again, Manny still has time to opt out of his contract should agent Scott Boras think there are other AL teams willing to give Manny a two year deal.

Not sure if LA would consider such a deal, but it would free up some dough to go out and get an ace starting pitcher that they are lacking.