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MLB Trade Rumors: Roy Halladay to the Dodgers for Chad Billingsley??

The Dodgers were rumored to be in on the Roy Halladay trade talks last July, but ended up bolstering their bullpen instead by trading for George Sherrill. Now comes this tweet from Bob Nightengale from the USA Today:

#mlb The Dodgers badly need an ace and are focusing on Blue Jay ace Roy Halladay. The Dodgers would have to give up Billingsley and others.

The Dodgers do need an ace pitcher for sure. They need one to get past the NLCS in 2010, should they get there again. But, should the Dodgers give up a cheap starting pitcher with ace potential, along with prospects, for one year, presumably, of Roy Halladay?

I am not convinced Billz needs to be included in the deal. The Phillies gave up 4 minor league prospects for a year and a half of Cliff Lee. Why would the Dodgers give up Billz AND prospects?