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Fantasy Baseball: Early Mock Draft- Round 1, Pick 7.

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David Wright. 3B, NYM.

In 2009, David Wright was likely a top 5 pick and top 3 in most leagues. Wright experienced a tremendous power outage in 2009, hitting a total of ten home runs (5/5 home/away.) Wright still managed to be valuable to those who drafted him by putting up solid numbers across the board in all of the other categories that mattered in standard 5x5 leagues. On the surface, one would think Citi Field has become an extreme pitchers park, but in actuality, it ranks 12th in the MLB in HR park factors, ahead of notable hitter's parks such as Citizen's Bank park and Chase Field.

According to an ESPN article from the beginning of July, Wright had been robbed of six home runs in the new park. To top it all off, Wright saw a large increase in K% (20.1% career, 26.2% 2009) and a drop to his career low OPS of .837. The non-sabermetric part of me thinks the high K% could be due to the pressure of being the main run producer and an overall drop in team performance.

I do think Wright will slightly rebound in 2010 and hit around 20 home runs, while putting up similar stats across the board. It's hard to argue drafting a player who will put up great stats in four categories with the upside to hit for power (in a rather scarce position.)