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MLB Trade Rumors: Matt Holliday to the Mets??

It seems that the Mets should be involved with more names than Matt Holliday after the season they had last year. And maybe they are, but are they really going after John Lackey and Chone Figgins? Figgins in LF? I doubt it. Second base seems more appropriate for Figgins. In that case, there would be plenty of teams interested in him. But third base and left field are usually left for power hitters, and Figgins has no power.

I was reading John Perrotto's On the Beat-Weekend Update article over at Baseball Prospectus and he discussed the possible desinations of the top 20 free agents according to WARP1, a BP metric that measures the overall value of a player, and he had this to say about Matt Holliday:

Matt Holliday (6.2): The two New York teams seem to be the logical destinations, as they have a need for a power-hitting outfielder. Whether the Yankees or Mets are going to make a play for Holliday, though, seems to depend on who you talk to. If owner Fred Wilpon really didn’t lose $700 million in the Bernie Madoff scandal, then I believe the Mets blow everyone out of the water in an attempt to stay relevant on the New York baseball scene.

I think the only way the Mets sign Holliday is if they are the highest bidder, and Scott Boras will make sure they do, as he is the best in the business at siphoning out the extra few million dollars for his clients. I am curious if Citifield will keep sluggers away from the Mets in the future. The Mets needs to sign someone this offseason to make their fans forget about last season and to give them hope for 2010. That and a reason to buy more season tickets in 2010.