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Fantasy Baseball: Early Mock Draft- Round 1, pick 5.

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I'm sticking with my love of players at shallow positions and since Ray robbed me of my guy, I'm picking...

Chase Utley. 2B, PHI.

Last year, if you drafted Utley, you probably had him at a pretty good discount because of his hip surgery. In 2010, Utley will likely be drafted near the top five in standard mixed league drafts not only because he plays a premium position, but he hits like a first rounder as well. One would suspect that a decline in stats across the board could be at hand in 2009 due to the hip surgery but that was not the case at all. Utley stole a career high bases with 23 and hit two less home runs than his career high with 31.

Looking a bit deeper, you'll see that Utley's BABIP was almost .20 points lower than his career mark, which can give some explanation to the .282 average when Utley's a career .295 hitter. When drafting in the first round, you're likely looking for consistency and Utley will give you exactly that. Bill James has him projected at 30 home runs, over 100 runs and RBI's and 17 stolen bases, while hitting .295. A line like that is perfectly attainable and knowing you're getting a top hitter at a premium position should keep you from developing an ulcer (until you draft your first starting pitcher, most likely.)