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MLB Trade Rumors: Brandon Phillips to the Mets?

It appears the recession has really hit MLB more than they have let on over the past year, as one team after another is trying to dump salary to reduce payroll going into the 2010 season. The Reds are the latest team to announce that they will listen to offers for Brandon Phillips, Bronson Arroyo, Francisco Cordero and Aaron Harang.

The most interesting name of the four listed is Brandon Phillips as there are several large market teams looking for a second baseman, namely the Dodgers and Mets. The Diamondbacks may also be looking to fill 2B, but only after making decisions in their bullpen.

Phillips makes alot of sense for both the Dodgers and Mets, as long as the Mets can rid themselves of Luis Castillo's remaining two year $12 million contract. Phillips had another good season going 20-98-25-.276. The Dodgers, according to ESPN's Buster Olney, are aggressively looking for a second baseman. Here is his Tweeter quote:

The Dodgers aggressively seeking a second baseman... We've heard about Uggla out there; Would Brandon Phillips make sense? We'll see.

There was also a rumor out yesterday where the Mets were shopping Luis Castillo and the Dodgers appeared to have interest in him as well. I assume one Juan Pierre could be involved in that deal in a salary for salary deal.