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MLB Trade Rumors: Dan Uggla to the Dodgers??

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I caught some of the XM Radio Baseball show yesterday afternoon with Casey Stern and Kevin Kennedy. They were talking about some of the free agents available, and Stern mentioned that he thought Placido Polanco would be a perfect fit in LA.

Kennedy chimed in and said he heard that the Dodgers were interested in trading for the Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla. Now, Kennedy worked for the Dodgers for a number of years managing in their farm system, and he still works in the LA area, so this deal would not surprise me.

Actually, I thought he would be a perfect fit once I heard the Marlins were looking to deal him. The Dodgers lineup, with the exception of their outfield, is lacking HR power. Uggla is a perfect match for the Dodgers as they need a second baseman and they need another power hitter.

Uggla went 31-90-.243-.354-.459-.813 in 2009. He increased his BB% from 12.7% to 14% and lowered his K% from 32.2% to 26.6% in 2009. His BABIP of .277 in 2009 was below his career BABIP of .297, so there is room for a little better average in 2010, and Uggla has increased his walk totals in each of the past 4 seasons (48-69-77-92).

What would the Dodgers have to give up for Uggla? Well, the Red Sox just gave up two pitching prospects I have never heard of for Jeremy Hermida. But since Uggla has more value than Hermida, I guess the Dodgers would have to give up a pitching prospect like Scott Elbert. With the emergence of Chris Withrow, Ethan Martin and Aaron Miller, I have to think that Elbert could be expendable.