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Fantasy Baseball: Early Mock Draft-Round 1, Pick 2

After Ian's selection of Hanley Ramirez as the number 1 pick in this mock draft, he leaves me with a very easy decision. So, I am selecting Albert....errr......Matt Kemp. Ian's decision was based on position scarcity at SS, but I will go with Kemp who I think will become a 30-30 hitter in 2010.

I posted several articles on Kemp awhile back, and I am sticking with the Dodgers outfielder who has yet to reach his potential as a hitter. I see more power in him, and can see him becoming the number 1 pick in fantasy drafts come 2011. So, I will be early and take Kemp.

How many 30-30 hitters were there in 2009? One-Ian Kinsler. He went 31-86-31. But, his average was in the low .250's and he drove in only 86 runs. Kemp hit .297 and drove in 101, while hitting 26 HRs and stealing 34 bases.

Should Kemp go 30-100-30 in 2010, he may just be the best player in fantasy baseball.