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Fantasy Baseball: Early Mock Draft. Round 1, pick 1.

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It's now time I take a break from my fuming anger with Franklin Gutierrez's obvious Gold Glove snub, and get this mock draft moving. Since there will only be a few of us doing this mock, it'll be more like how we think drafts will be the closer we get to the season.

Let me start this out with the number one pick....

Hanley Ramirez. SS, FLA

Now, I know some of you may think I've gone completely off my rocker for not picking the best hitter in the game of baseball as the number one pick, but there's reasoning for me doing so. As I look at shortstop for 2010, I feel...well...unimpressed. I like my players at scarce positions to be fancy dancy guys and when I look at 1B, I see guys like Justin Morneau, Prince Fielder and Kevin Youkilis and deeper value with guys like Joey Votto. When I look at the rest of the shortstops, I see Troy Tulowitzki, Derek Jeter, Ben Zobrist Jimmy Rollins and a few others and see a large drop off. An argument can be made for a few guys to be picked here but I feel pretty strongly getting a top player at a weak position.