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Fantasy Football: Safe Betts?

Ladell Betts- After Clinton Portis was knocked out of the game with a concussion, Betts came in and put up 70 yards on 15 carries with one reception for 23 yards and a rushing score. Portis could miss next week and if that's the case, Betts will likely get the vast majority of carries so start him if you need a guy who will touch the ball a fair amount.

Michael Turner- 180 total yards, 2 rush TDs. Next week plays an offense that allows 122 YPG on the ground. Oh yeah, in the fantasy championship, faces the worst rush defense in the NFL.

Roddy White- Three catches for 27 yards could have been due to a sore knee or the fact that they stopped passing the ball in the second half. Either way, I'm starting White week in and week out. 

Kurt Warner- The old man rebounds from a 5 interception game to throw five touchdowns and 261 yards against the Bears. IN the next few weeks he's got Seattle, St. Louis, Tennessee, Minnesota, San Francisco, Detroit and St. Louis again in the fantasy championships. One thing all of those teams have in common....? Allowing 219 pass yards or more per game.

Matt Forte- I told you you should have sold high on him last week.

Ray Rice- 12 rushes for 48 yards and a rush touchdown and 8/87 receiving yards. Rice is an every week start, no matter who he plays as he has put up point on a consistent basis throughout the season.

Cedric Benson- The league leader in carries pounded out his fourth 100 yard game and added his sixth touchdown. in week 15, Benson gets a San Diego Chargers offense that has allowed 130.1 YPG on the ground and in week 16 faces a Kansas City offense allowing 136.2 YPG. If Benson struggles at any point in the next few weeks, I'd try and buy low for his quality match ups in the playoffs.

Matt Schaub- Quietly the league leader in passing yards and tied for the lead in passing touchdowns. Consider him and every week start.

Ryan Moats/Steve Slaton- Moats has 16 carries for 38 yards while Slaton has 6 for 17 and the sole rushing touchdown while Moats catches the only passing touchdown on the night. When Moats failed to score on two consecutive drives on the 2 and 1 yard line, Slaton came in and scored from the one to begin the fourth quarter. I also forgot to mention Moats' lost fumble. Don't be surprised to see Slaton get the majority of carries next week after Moats averaged 2.4 YPC and lost a fumble.

Dallas Clark- 14 catches for 119 yards. That's just ridiculous. Start him with confidence every week.

Davone Bess- Targeted 14 times and caught six passes for 56 yards. I didn't watch this game but how many of those 14 targets were catchable?

Lawrence Maroney- 20 carries for 82 yards and a score. Seems to me that the Patriots have gained a bit more confidence in Maroney after giving him all but four carries (one came from Tom Brady, likely on a scramble.)

James Jones- 4 receptions for 103 yards and one touchdown. Looks pretty good, eh? How about after I tell you that 74 of those yards and that touchdown came from one play? Yeah, don't start him.

Josh Freeman- 205 yards with three touchdowns, but didn't even complete half of his passes. I'm not putting any stock into this start and I won't start him unless he can start completing over half of the passes he throws.I just said "start" a lot there.

Chris Chambers- Thrown to four times in his first start with the team and had  70 yards and 2 scores. If I were a betting man, I would bet that this doesn't happen very often. Cassel still targeted two other receivers twice as much as Chambers. Granted it was his first game in a new system. If Chambers is targeted more and still puts up yards, I may consider him in deep, deep, deep leagues as a WR3. He still has Dwayne Bowe to compete with.

Mike Sims-Walker- 8 targets, six catches for 147 yards and one touchdown with the longest play a 61 yarder. Take away that 61-yard play and Walker still had a good day. I'm a believer.

Maurice Jones-Drew- The Jags finally decided to give him the ball. Sure, he only had 3.3 YPC, but he scored you some points, right?

Matt Hasselbeck- Seattle being down 17-0 in the first quarter played a big part in Hasselbeck's 51 passes. Seattle's got a similar ease of schedule as the Cardinals do, so don't be afraid to use Hasselbeck. Oh yeah, in the fantasy championship, he gets the worst pass defense in the Tennessee Titans.

DeAngelo Williams- John Fox has finally decided to use DeAngelo Williams like he should be used...more than 20 carries a game. get the ball in the hands of your playmaker and have him carry you to victory (or at least make it a closer game.)

LaDainian Tomlinson- Well, many thought you had another year in you for fantasy purposes....I guess we were wrong. I can't see myself using him comfortably in any matchup this year.

Steve Smith (Giants)- Led the Giants in targets, yards and receptions. He's been this way all season, so I don't expect the future to be any different. Maybe take into account how Eli struggles in the cold months, but I think Smith is good enough to put up good numbers despite it.

Brandon Jacobs/Ahmad Bradshaw- Bradshaw gets three more carries, while Jacobs makes the most with his, nearly doubling Bradshaw's yards. Expect this kind of split going forward, unless one of these two get injured.

Chris Johnson/Frank Gore- Both gave you excellent games with Johnson scoring the majority of his points on the ground and Gore giving you excellent numbers on the ground as well as through the air.

Vernon Davis- 10 receptions for 102 yards. As long as Alex Smith is the quarterback in San Francisco, expect Davis to be used a good chunk of the time. This is the guy you hoped for all of the years you drafted him before and is finally proving he can be as useful to your fantasy team as he is in Madden.

Miles Austin- 1 reception for 49 yards and a TD. He was targeted half as many times as Roy Williams was and scored more with one catch that Williams did with five. I don't even know how to respond...