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Week 5 Lineup Decisions: Ask The Royalty of Roto

Did anyone think just because I haven't posted a Fantasy Filmroom article again this week while battling a hell of a cold that I'd been resting on these fantasy laurels? Child please.

Amongst reading Fantasyland (a great read about AL Tout Wars) and spearheading my own teams to a quite excellent 13-2 overall record, I'm still consuming more football info than Cartman eats cheesy poofs. So for everyone out there that's in a crunch on who to plug and play in your fantasy lineups, post your comments in this article, and I'll try and get you a quick response with some well-educated research and fun facts attached.

If you want any testimonials, check last week's edition; pretty sure that Mike Sims-Walker hype I was advocating worked out alright. A quick grab-bag of thoughts on some matchups this week also for your internet reading pleasure:

  • David Garrard looked like a great backup QB this year, and that's why I drafted him behind Tom Brady in my high stakes league. What I didn't figure was that Garrard would come out of the gates this red hot. He's the No. 8 quarterback right now, and while I don't plan on starting him over Brady, don't be afraid to throw him in there. He's finally got a legit target in Sims-Walker (and a somewhat-reliable one opposite side with Holt) and is looking spry with over 100 yards rushing as well. Going to Seattle this week looks juicy.
  • When Matt Forte went on the block in one of my leagues prior to last week, I licked my chops like I was an end playing against the Packers offensive line. Looking at the schedule though, my enthusiasm wavered if I were to still trade for him. He faces a few cupcakes still (Cleveland and St. Louis), but has some otherwise tough ones, including at Baltimore and home against Minnesota during most fantasy playoffs. Most owners will miss his production against the Lions again in Week 17, also. Just saying.
  • The offensive line needs to hold up in Green Bay, or Greg Jennings owners are going to continue to suffer. Jennings thrives on the big plays, and Aaron Rodgers isn't getting the chance to heave the ball downfield. Good thing for Rodgers, he has mobility, and he's had to use it: He's the only other QB aside from Garrard to rush for over 100 yards. The bye week came at a good time this week, and hopefully time will heal the situation in part.
  • Not to keep tooting my horn, but in last week's article I listed off some great defensive options for last week. Among the not-so-usual suspects? The Niners, who were the top scorer in Week 4. Need anymore proof why you don't draft a defense early? Don't be that goon at your draft. I am fine with the strategy of pairing two borderline-No. 1 defenses. Draft your defenses like your sleepers; not too early, but with high upside. The Niners and the Broncos are both looking like the best surprises here, and I still think that owners of the Jets defense finish as big winners.

Enough talk, bring on your questions.