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Who Would You Rather Have: Alex Rodriguez or Chase Utley?

Time for the World Series edition of Who Would You Rather Have? CBS Sportsline recently completed a 5x5 mixed league mock draft, and Chase Utley was selected 4th overall before Ryan Braun, Joe Mauer and Alex Rodriguez to name a few. After Utley went deep twice on Wednesday night do you select him before ARod? Or is ARod still a more valuable fantasy player?

Let's take a look at their 2009 stats:

Chase Utley 571 161 31 112 93 88 110 23 0.282 0.397 0.508 0.905
Alex Rodriguez 444 127 30 78 100 80 97 14 0.286 0.402 0.532 0.934

ARod had better overall numbers across the board in less ABs, but Utley is one of the few stud fantasy players at 2B, and there is more depth at 3B than at 2B, right? I am not so sure.

More after the jump:

Here are the third baseman who hit more than 20 HRs in 2009:

Name HR
Mark Reynolds 44
Ryan Zimmerman 33
Evan Longoria 33
Alex Rodriguez 30
Kevin Youkilis 27
Brandon Inge 27
Pablo Sandoval 25
Mark DeRosa 23
Michael Young 22

And here the second baseman who hit more than 20 HRs in 2009:

Name HR
Aaron Hill 36
Chase Utley 31
Ian Kinsler 31
Dan Uggla 31
Ben Zobrist 27
Robinson Cano 25
Jose Lopez 25
Clint Barmes 23
Brandon Phillips 20

One could make the case that third base is a scarce postion in 2010, especially if you think that Mark DeRosa is tailing off as a fantasy player and don't think Brandon Inge can hit 27 HRs again. Of course the Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez should hit 30+ HRs should he stay healthy in 2010, but can one count on Chipper Jones or Scott Rolen to hit 20+ HRs again?

Second base is not as scarce as it used to be with Aaron Hill having a breakout (career?) year in 2009, and Ben Zobrist coming out of nowhere to hit 27 HRs in 2009. I won't count on Clint Barmes hitting 20+ HRs again, especially with the AVG that comes with it. Could the Braves Martin Prado sneak into the 20+ HR range with regular playing time in 2010?

So, with all that said, who would you rather have?