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Fantasy Baseball: 2010 AL SS dynasty/keeper rankings.

SS in the AL is pretty tough and I kinda feel sorry for you guys if you are stuck with some sketchy guys later on. Since it's a little thin, I'm not going to do big write-ups for these guys. I highly doubt these players will make or break your team.

1. Derek Jeter- I really hate to do this because he is getting up there in age. But, he seems like he's rejuvenated his career and you have to like someone in that park.

2. Ben Zobrist- Everything I said in the 2B rankings, applies here, except this position is not nearly as deep.

3. Jason Bartlett- A large spike in OBP, LD% and FB% have helped Barlett out this season while an above average BABIP has contributed to his average spike. A 20 plus SB guy with good OBP in a pretty thin position can be very valuable.

4. Alexei Ramirez- He's got 20/20 potential and has shown power surges so he ranks here basically by default. If you're getting him this late, you should have really no concerns.

5. Asdrubal Cabrera- See 2B rankings.

6. Alberto Callaspo- In 2009 he's been good for 70+ runs, 70+ RBI and over 10 HR while hitting nearly .300. I think this is the Callaspo we'll be seeing in the future. Fairly consistent, yet semi unimpressive.

7. Elvis Andrus- While his value is not in his bat, he can still be valuable to your fantasy team. He's stolen 33 bases and while his average hovered around .260, he could hit .270 in the majors with 30+ stolen bases.

8. Marco Scutaro- Having a career year in his contract year in 2009. He's had a huge increase in his walk rate up to 13.6% where his career hovers around 9.8% he's also never scored more than 76 runs in a season and SB total is exactly 2 times as much as his career high. I'm ranking him for the sole reason of upside, but I really don't think he'll have this great of a season again.

9. Reid Brignac- This one is a little iffy to me. Brignac has the tools to be near the top of this list, but he's currently blocked by Zobrist and Bartlett. If Brignac is on the big league club and playing regularly (his SS eligibility will carry over) I'll be more than happy drafting him at this spot. If you draft him, maybe grab someone else just in case he doesn't get full playing time.

10. Jhonny Peralta- Having a very disappointing season but has the upside to top this list. If you get him here, you're not missing much anyways.