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Fantasy Baseball: Does Chris Young Bounce Back in 2010?

I've been meaning to write about the Diamondbacks Chris Young for a few weeks as he represents a possible breakout/bounce back candidate in 2010. He appears to have turned the corner since his demotion to AAA back in August.

In 97 ABs since returning for AAA, Young has gone 6-10-0-.258-.339-.485-.824 with 4 doubles and 13 runs scored, and that doesn't include his 4 for 4, HR, double and 4 runs scored on Friday vs the Cubs. The Diamondbacks have batted him leadoff for the most part since his return, but he has yet to steal a base.

I am sure some will look at his September performance and yell "small sample size", but I am one who will think about drafting him should he be available late in NL drafts come 2010. Arizona was close to sitting Young for the rest of the season in early September and then he went out and hit 3 HRs in one game.

Young will probably never hit for a high AVG, but he still has power and speed. You can probably get him late in snake drafts and real cheap, think $5, in auction drafts in 2010. Arizona's outfield next year should include Justin Upton in RF, and a platoon of Conor Jackson and Geraldo Parra in LF, leaving CF for Young.

That is if he can show that September 2009 was no fluke come spring training 2010.