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MLB Trade Rumors: Juan Pierre for Luis Castillo?

I was talking with a colleague today, a Mets fan, and we got to talking about the Dodgers offseason needs and the Mets offseason needs. He stated that he hopes the Mets can sign Orlando Hudson this offseason, which is possible. But the Mets have Luis Castillo signed through 2010 thanks to the genius that is Omar Minaya.

My colleague then stated that the only way the Dodgers would take on Castillo is to dump a bad contract. Bingo!! Juan Pierre came to mind, and the Mets need a left fielder, and possibly someone to hit at the top of their lineup who possesses a skill the Mets are lacking....speed. I say that because we don't know what the Mets will have with Jose Reyes once he returns from surgery.

I can see the Dodgers making this trade, especially with the recent news that their owner, Frank McCourt, is going through a nasty divorce. McCourt may look to dump some bad contracts. Plus, Castillo possesses a skill that Joe Torre and Don Mattingley love....the ability to take some pitches and draw a walk.

Does this deal help both teams?