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Fantasy Baseball: Are You Buying Raul Ibanez's 2009 Season?

Some friends and I are arguing over the legitimacy of the season Raul Ibanez had in 2009, with the pro-Ibanez fans being Phillies fans as well....what a coincidence. But the anti-Ibanez camp may have some very valid points.

Here are Ibanez's stats for 2009:








But lost in the really good season that Ibanez had in 2009 is the fact that he accomplished the following:

-despite increasing his GO/AO( ground out to air out %) % from 0.88 to 1.14, and increasing his K% from 15.6% to 21.1%, he increased his HR/FB% from 8.7% to 16.9%.

-his HR/FB% was the highest of his career

-his K% was the highest of his career

-his HRs, SLG and OPS was the highest of his career

Some will argue its because he hit in a hitters park-Citizens Bank Ballpark. Well, yes, but he only hit 13 of his 34 HRs at home in 2009, hitting 21 on the road. Can Ibanez duplicate his 2009 season?

A better question is how did Ibanez accomplish career highs in the power categories at the age of 37?