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Who Would You Rather Have: Derrek Lee or Kendry Morales??

My Dodgers laid some stress on this guy the last two days for sure. But, they found a way to win when Charlie Manual wore out the path between the Phillies dugout and the pitchers mound in the 8th inning yesterday. He tried his best imitation of Joe Torre and failed. Well, his bullpen and infield failed him. Does anyone else think Chase Utley is turning into the next Steve Sax? Or is he hurt? He is having problems turning the double play.

On to our next article on who would you rather have-Derrek Lee or Kendry Morales?

Let's take a look at their 2009 stats first:

Name AB H 2B
Derrek Lee 532 163 36 35 91 111 76 109 0.306 0.393 0.579 0.972
Kendry Morales 566 173 43 34 86 108 46 117 0.306 0.355 0.569 0.924

They both hit for solid power and average, with Lee with 30 more walks leading to a higher OBP and OPS. Lee hits in what most thought would be a solid lineup in 2009, yet the Cubs hitters went into a bear market, and had trouble scoring runs. Morales finally reached the potential the Angels thought he had when they traded Casey Kotchman to make room for him (well, really Teixiera). Morales produced in his first full season, but can he hit for the same power in 2010?

Lee has the same questions as he only hit 20-22 HRs in 2007 and 2008, and this year smacked 35 in a disappointing Cubs lineup. Is this Lee's level of production going forward, or a second breakout of his career?

After the Albert Pujols, Ryan Howards, Prince Fielders, Mark Teixeiras and Miguel Cabreras of the fantasy world get drafted, who are you going to draft first?