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Fantasy Baseball: 2010 AL Catcher dynasty/keeper rankings


1. Joe Mauer- Did you really think I'd list anyone else? While he's never been though of as a power hitting catcher, in 2009 he hit 28 home runs. Mauer's got a very large frame and the ability be a power hitter, but his 9% increase in HR/FB% is a bit of a concern. Given the fact that he's only had an OPS under .800 once in his career, I'm still confident in  Mauer as the top pick in AL only leagues.

2. Victor Martinez- V-Mart returned to form in 2009, hitting .303 with 23 home runs. His awful 2008 season could be because nagging injury and I fully expect another season of 20ish home runs, .300 average with an OPS hovering in the mid .800s.

3. Matt Wieters- His first year in the majors may have come as a disappointment to many. He was drafted as one of the top catchers in drafts and didn't called up when people expected. In his time in the majors, he had a decreased BB% at around 7% when his minor's numbers hovered around 12-15%. Weiters' rookie season is in the books and I expect him to start showing some of those tools in the majors in 2010. If you get him in a dynasty, enjoy having possibly the best catcher in baseball for the next 5-10 years.

4. Jorge Posada- We're basically seeing a Yankee in the top five of every position this year (excluding the outfield.) Posada put up numbers in line with his career averages and returned to top five form. Posada is 38 years old and the Yankees may start getting him more time at DH with Hideki Matsui's pending free agency.

5. Mike Napoli- Given semi-consistent playing time in 2009, Napoli saw his BB% decrease a few percent and saw his HR/FB% decrease as well. It's been said that he has 30 home run power, yet in more time in 2009 Napoli tied his career high in home runs with 20. If you're looking for that breakout power year, it may have to wait. I do think Napoli can put up another .270 season with 20 home runs, however.

6. Kurt Suzuki- In his second full season in the MLB, he nearly doubled his production across the board. He's not going to put up excellent numbers, but he isn't going to go all Chris Iannetta on you and tank.

7. A.J. Pierzynski- Another guy who shouldn't put up great numbers, but won't completely kill you. He's likely good for 10-15 HR with an average near .280.

8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia- Nothing special, but still kind of young.

9. Miguel Olivo- Nothing special, but there's not much left.

10. Carlos Santana/Jesus Montero- Now, I can't predict the future to know if they'll be starting next year in the majors, but their talent is something you may not want to pass up. If I had to guess, I'd say Santana gets enough ABs to qualify in 2010. He may not be up until later in the season like Wieters so if you're drafting  or picking up one of these guys, make sure you have a backup or something decent on the waiver wire.