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Who Would You Rather Have: Ryan Zimmerman or Evan Longoria??

I was planning on writing about Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman even before I saw some banter going back and forth in the comments section of one of my prior posts. Zimmerman had a breakout season of sorts in 2009, and was second among all third baseman in HRs and RBIs. Meanwhile, most experts and roto/fantasy players may look to draft Rays third baseman Evan Longoria ahead of Zimmerman. I say, not so fast.

Let's take a look at their 2009 stats courtesy of

Name AB H 2B
Ryan Zimmerman 610 178 37 33 110 106 72 119 2 0.292 0.364 0.525 0.888
Evan Longoria 584 164 44 33 100 113 72 140 9 0.281 0.364 0.526 0.889

Their 2009 stats couldn't be more identical!! What separates them is 10 runs scored, 7 RBI, 7 SBs, and .011 in AVG. Rather amazing. Yet, even with all the acolades Longoria gets among the fantasy experts, I think Zimmerman deserves a second look. Zimmerman will be hitting in a pretty decent lineup in Washington in 2010 that actually scored more runs than the Cubs, Mets, Astros and Reds in 2009.