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2009 Mock Fantasy Baseball Drafts: The Runs

I just completed my first mock draft of the 2009 fantasy baseball season.  A few things stood out.

  1. Once one of the Big Three aces comes off the board, the other two will quickly follow.  Who are the Big 3?  Tim Lincecum, Johan Santana and C.C. Sabathia.
  2. As soon as one of the top catchers is selected, the remaining four will soon follow.
  3. There isn't a ton of differentiation amongst the outfielders once the first few rounds are over.

FWIW, I had to check out of the draft after I selected 3B Adrian Beltre in the 14th round.  Without queuing players according to preference, I ended up with a closerless squad and Pedro Sandoval way too early.

Pos  Name       Team  Pick   
C   Joe Mauer     MIN  R6 P2     
C   Chris Iannetta     COL  R13 P11     
1B  Adrian Gonzalez     SD   R3 P11     
1B  Pablo Sandoval     SF   R16 P2     
1B  James Loney     LA   R18 P2     
2B  Chase Utley     PHI  R2 P2     
2B  Mark DeRosa     CLE  R15 P11     
SS  Jimmy Rollins     PHI  R1 P11     
SS  Jhonny Peralta     CLE  R9 P11     
3B  Adrian Beltre     SEA  R14 P2     
OF  Matt Kemp     LA   R4 P2     
OF  Jay Bruce     CIN  R7 P11     
OF  Lastings Milledge   WAS  R11 P11     
OF  Justin Upton     ARI  R12 P2     
SP  Brandon Webb     ARI  R5 P11     
SP  Scott Kazmir     TB   R8 P2     
SP  Matt Cain     SF   R10 P2     
SP  Wandy Rodriguez     HOU  R17 P11     
SP  Johnny Cueto     CIN  R19 P11     
SP  Justin Duchscherer  OAK  R20 P2     
SP  Jesse Litsch     TOR  R21 P11     
SP  Jeff Francis     COL  R22 P2     
SP  Hiroki Kuroda     LA   R23 P11