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MLB Rumors: Mets In on Manny Ramirez??

With rumors that the Mets have made an offer to starting pitcher Tim Redding, and are close to making an offer for starting pitcher Randy Wolf, are the Mets changing strategy and moving in on Manny Ramirez?

The Mets brass met with Scott Boras yesterday to discuss all of his clients, per Metsblog's Matthew Cerrone. They apparently discussed Derek Lowe, Oliver Perez and Manny Ramirez.

Yahoo's Gordon Edes says the Braves have "zeroed in on" Derek Lowe now that John Smoltz appears to be close to signing with the Red Sox.

Did Omar hear that Lowe is out of his price range, and switched course to Redding and Wolf, two pitchers he can grab for less than the price of Lowe? Does this leave him room to go after Manny Ramirez, assuming they now have interest?