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MLB Rumors: Andy Pettitte and Trevor Hoffman to the Dodgers??

While driving home this evening, I caught some of the XM 175 Baseball Show with Casey Stern and Kevin Kennedy. They discussed all the rumors of the day. Stern acknowledged that Andy Pettitte had turned down the Yankees 1 year $10 million offer, and was curious as to why, since Pettitte has publicly stated he wants to return to the Yankees, or retire.

Well, Kevin Kennedy, who is linked into the goings with the Dodgers 24/7/365, stated "he wouldn't be surprised the Dodgers were talking behind the scenes to sign Pettitte."

This is not the first time Pettitte has been linked to the Dodgers, as earlier this winter, Joe Torre spoke with Pettitte, but came away from the conversation saying he felt Pettitte would go back and sign with the Yankees. Well, now that he has rejected the Yankees one year offer, maybe he is having 2nd thoughts??

Joel Sherman of the NY Post writes that there are strong indications from the Yankees that they may have lowered their original offer to Pettitte, thus the reason why Pettitte rejected it. He also writes that the Yankees are tightening the purse strings after the Teixeira deal, and are prepared to have a battle for the 5th starter slot in psring training between Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy.

The Dodgers are looking for a veteran presence in their rotation, and who better than Pettitte to groom young pitchers Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw through the rigors of playoff baseball?

Well, it appears the Dodgers want a veteran presence in their bullpen also. Rumors floated late last night that the race for Trevor Hoffman is now down to two teams-the Brewers and the Dodgers. Here is what Hoffman's agent had to say to

"We're talking parameters of a deal with both teams," Rick Thurman of the Beverly Hills Sports Council told in a telephone interview. "In the next 24-to-48 hours I think we'll have something done. If we don't have a deal done we'll have a pretty solid idea of where he's going. But I think we'll have a deal done."

Hoffman is known to want to stay on the west coast should he sign anywhere this offseason, but wants to close wherever he signs. Ned Colletti and Joe Torre sure do like experience over youth.