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Jon Kitna Is Probably Done In Detroit

Remember Jon Kitna?  Big-armed QB, put up 4000+ passing yards in both 2006 AND 2007?  He injured after Week 4, went on the IR and the Lions went on to lose the next 12 games. 

This is a weeks-old article, but it has some good info.

Marinelli said he spoke to quarterback Jon Kitna a couple of weeks ago. The Lions placed Kitna on injured reserve with a back injury Oct. 14, and Kitna disagreed publicly.

Could Kitna play now if he were eligible?

"Oh, I would think so," Marinelli said.

Kitna has not been at team headquarters like some other injured players. Asked why not, Marinelli seemed to indicate it was a veteran's call.

Like everybody else in Detroit, Kitna is disgruntled.  But I hadn't realized that he publicly disagreed with his being put on IR.  That would tick anybody off.   With a new GM and a new coach coming in, it seems very likely that Kitna will be dropped (or traded, if somebody needs an experienced veteran at QB).

I think Kitna still has something left and could have a Warner-like season in the right situation (like, for example, in Arizona).  I can't wait to see where he lands.