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MLB Rumors: Manny Ramirez, Adam Dunn, Bobby Abreu

With the news yesterday that Pat Burrell signed a 2 yr $16 million deal with the Rays, and the Cubs signing of OFer Milton Bradley to a 3 yr $30 million deal, the market for Manny Ramirez, Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu is getting smaller and smaller. In addition, there is talk that Jason Giambi may return to the A's.

What we know now is that Manny Ramirez has two suitors-the Dodgers and supposedly the Giants. My take, Boras sees what Burrell and Bradley got today, and immediately calls Ned Colletti asking if the 2 yr $45 million offers is still on the table. The Giants are looking for a corner infielder, and probably won't get into a bidding war with the Dodgers. And they have been there, done that with Barry Bonds and his baggage.

Adam Dunn just lost one of his suitors with the Cubs signing Bradley. The Dodgers, National, Orioles and Mariners are the teams still in on Dunn. Should LA sign Ramirez, Dunn may settle to hook back up with the Nationals, or go DH in the American League with the Orioles or Mariners. Maybe the Yankees get involved to DH, but they already have a surplus of OFers to take on the DH role.

Bobby Abreu lost two suitors today with the Rays signing Burrell, and the A's closing in on Giambi. What's the market for Abreu-the Dodgers, Giants, Yankees and possibly the Mets. He will play somewhere this year, but it may be on a one year deal.

It appears that Ned Colletti is waiting out the market on Manny with the hope that Dunn and Abreu sign elsewhere, maybe one of them with the Giants, to see how fast Boras comes begging for the original 2 year offer.

But should Dunn or Abreu sign this week, Colletti will have a decision to make. Does he take a chance that Manny spurs his offer and signs with the Giants, and he is left with Juan Pierre playing LF everyday? Someone will blink. Who will blink first?