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MLB Rumors: XM Radio Edition

I timed my trip to the grocery store just right and caught Lee Hacksaw Hamilton opening to his 3pm show this afternoon. He didn't have much today, but here they are:

  • The Dodgers interest in Manny Ramirez, but said the offer was 2 yrs $45 million, with a 3rd option year, bringing the total contract value to $70 million.
  • The Giants are also interested in Manny-more Boras?
  • The Dodgers are looking to deal Andruw Jones and are willing to take on $4.5 million of his 2009 salary. With his '09 salary at $5 million, his cost would be the cost of a minor leaguer.
  • The Braves and Orioles have interest in Andruw Jones.
  • While talking Dodgers, he stated they need a closer, a setup man, and pitchers to replace Park, Proctor and Beimel.

I think Lee was just looking for callers because the Dodgers bullpen may be set with Wade-Kuo-Broxton taking care of the 7th-9th innings. They also have left Scott Elbert and potential longman James McDonald to fill out the pen. But, there have been rumors that LA is interested in bringing in closer Trevor Hoffman.

The Andruw Jones rumor really caught my ear. How many teams will deal for a former gold glove CFer on the rebound at just above minor league minimum salary of $500,000? He mentions the Braves, and I can see why. Their current outfield is made up of Matt Diaz, Gregor Blanco, Jeff Franceour, Josh Anderson, Greg Norton and former prospect Brandon Jones. Should the Braves take a chance on Andruw Jones?