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MLB Rumors: Brian Roberts To The Chicago White Sox

On Friday, rumors of a Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles trade involing SP Gavin Floyd and 2B Brian Roberts surfaced. After a couple days, the O's local paper still hasn't run a piece on it although Pete Schmuck has a blog entry about it.

This trade seems to have the makings of a buy low/sell high for the White Sox GM Kenny Williams. Exchanging a failed prospect who exploded in 2008 thanks to BABIP-defying stats for one of the very few legitimate lead-off men in baseball is brilliant. Selling the 17 Wins is smart baseball, but I seriously doubt the Jim MacPhail of the Orioles doesn't already know this.

One can't help wondering how much better Brian Roberts' power would increase in Chicago, though. Would he return to the 18+ HR level he reached in 2005? Or would he disappoint all the dreams of sugar plums the same way Nick Swisher did last season?