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Your Pre-Super Bowl Fantasy Hype Report

As you may know, the Super Bowl is the last NFL game of the season.  So as the memories of the 2008 season start to fade, the Super Bowl is the last thing that people remember.  Here are my predictions for the Super Bowl players most likely to be overhyped going into next year's fantasy drafts.

1) Larry Fitzgerald -- He'll probably have a huge game and he'll be touted as the best fantasy WR available.  If Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin stays, he might be.  But if one or (yikes!) both of them go, Fitzgerald becomes mortal.

2) Edgerrin James -- He could finish with 110 yards, 2 TDs and the Super Bowl MVP and then end up in Cleveland or San Diego -- where fantasy owners will pretend that he's not 45 years old.

3) Ben Roethlisberger -- He was heavily hyped (especially by me) so there's reason to believe he'll be just as hyped next year, especially if he has a new Super Bowl MVP trophy.   He could make his way to Canton with a sub-par fantasy career -- a 21st century version of Troy Aikman.

4) Willie Parker -- Even if he runs for 300 yards tomorrow, he's still not worth a high fantasy pick.  He has 2009 Bust of the Year written all over him.

5) Tim Hightower -- He could be the Cardinals' starting RB next season (which would be hype enough) but if he destroys the Steelers in the red zone, he could be taken as a Top 10 fantasy RB.  I'm not saying he's worth that, I'm just saying it would likely happen.

6) Matt Leinart -- Ha-ha, you say?  How about if Warner gets crunched by the Steelers, leaves the game and Leinart comes on to lead the Cards to victory?  Unlikely?  Yes.  Impossible?  No.  I can imagine how high people will draft Leinart based off of 12 minutes of playing time.  It will be fantasy carnage next season if people fall in love with Leinart.