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Fantasy Baseball: More ADP Movers

The following is a list of players who have seen their ADP improve the most over the past two weeks.  I like to review these players to see which players have captured the imaginations of the fantasy baseball community. NOTE: "ND" means the player did not have a measurable ADP two weeks ago.

A player of note is Texas Rangers' SS prospect Elvis Andrus.  With news that last season's SS Michael Young will move the 3B, Andrus's minor league speed has captured the attention of fantasy players looking for very cheap speed.  Given the lack of power in the middle infield, grabbing a potential 30+ SBs over a 10-12 HR middleman like Edgar Renteria seems to be on the right side of the risk/reward equation.

What worries me is the recent signing of former Gold Glove SS Omar Vizquel.  I am hesitant to go wild on Andrus, though, because I fear Vizquel's reputation will give him the veteran's edge and send the youngster back to AAA. 

At that point, Andrus would have to be stored on the bench.  If he struggles with the bat at AAA or Vizquel doesn't struggle too much with the bat, I can see Andrus spending too much of 2009 in the minors.

Using a bench spot for a player who is expected back within a month is accpetable. Occupying one for longer than that is too risky. The opportunity cost of passing on productive pool players is too much. Nevermind, the inability to shuttle players in and out to maximize production from the active roster.

Pos Player Team ADP Up Trend
OF Brian Giles SD 332.5 ND
RP Jason Motte STL 331.68 ND
SP Koji Uehara BAL 302.06 ND
SP Jon Garland ANA 332.59 ND
SS Elvis Andrus TEX 306.08 ND
RP Octavio Dotel CHW 333.05 ND
OF Fernando Tatis NYM 333.18 ND
C Jason Kendall MIL 332.91 37.9%
RP Aaron Heilman SEA 333.33 27.8%
OF Marcus Thames DET 332.98 19.6%
1B Nick Johnson WAS 333.14 3.7%