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Every Fantasy Football Fan Should Be Rooting For Pittsburgh

If you're a fantasy football fan (and who isn't?) then I have some news for you.  Even if you live in Phoenix, even if you just managed to convince your parish priest that "Anquan" is in fact a biblical name and perfectly acceptable for your daughter's baptism, you need to be rooting for the Steelers. 


Matt Leinart.

If the Cardinals win, there's every reason to expect that Arizona QB Kurt Warner will retire.  And why not?  With two Super Bowl rings, two MVP awards, one (possibly two ) Super Bowl MVP awards, and Top 40 finishes in career passing yards and career passing touchdowns, Warner is looking at a probable trip to Canton. 

But if he retires, that means the Cardinals will have to start Matt Leinart next season.  In case you don't remember, Leinart hasn't been that good.  His pre-injury 2007 season finished with totals of 647 passing yards, 2 TDs and 4 INTs and he has a career QB rating of 71.7. 

That's ok, you think, the Cardinals can just transition to the run oh crap that's right they can't.  Edgerrin James is the only running threat on the team and he's leaving in the off-season.   The Cardinals had the fewest running attempts in the league this season, they're not going to suddenly transition into the second coming of the 1972 Dolphins.

Don't believe the "LFitz is the #1 fantasy WR!!" hype you're going to hear next summer.  Since all Arizona can do is pass the ball, the fantasy value of Fitzgerald and Boldin drops considerably if Leinart is behind center.   For the sake of fantasy football, get out those Terrible Towels and start waving them.