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MLB Rumors: More Lobbying For Manny Ramirez

Following up on yesterday's plea by a New York Mets' season ticket holder,   manager Jerry Manuel made public comments in support of the signing of OF Manny Ramirez.  I don't know exactly why prominent Mets have begun going public with accolades for Manny, but I do know Manny is no Daniel Murphy/Fernando Tatis in LF.

Here is what the New York Post reports.  FWIW, the headline is "Manuel: I Love Manny."

Calling Manny Ramirez a historic hitter, Jerry Manuel said yesterday he'd relish the chance to manage the free-agent left fielder.

During a TV interview, the Met manager labeled Ramirez, "probably one of the best right-handed hitters in our generation."

"To have a shot at managing [him] would be exciting for me," Manuel said.

"I'd love to have the opportunity to watch Manny hit every day."

Manuel said he'd be unconcerned about Ramirez in the clubhouse.

"I don't have a problem with people that produce in the form and fashion that Manny Ramirez produces," Manuel said. "We don't spend, shouldn't spend that much time in the locker room, anyway."