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S . . . L . . . O . . . W Mock Draft

I've been slow mock drafting over email with a group of friends for what feels like the past 12 weeks. It's actually been 5 but, who's counting? It's a 14 team mock drafting 14 hitters (2C, 1st, 2nd, SS, 3rd, CI, MI, 5OF, UT) and 9 pitchers. We need to fill all positions with our 23 picks.

I'm sitting on the back end of the wheel and began with picks 14, 15 and so on. Here's how I've chosen thus far with a short explanation where I see fit:

1. (14) - Mark Teixeira

2. (15) - Ian Kinsler -

3. (42) - Nick Markakis - Is this his 30-20 year?

4. (43) - Brandon Webb - As solid as they come

5. (70) - Dan Haren

6. (71) - Jermaine Dye - Averaged 34 hrs the last 4 years

7. (98) - Cliff Lee - I couldn't let him pass by me even though I hate taking 3 arms in the first 7 picks.

8. (99) - Raul Ibanez - This seems like a reach but 28-110-.290 in that park/lineup seems like a lock with continued good health. I also love to load up on OF in 5OF leagues. It's a more scarce position than you might think.

9. (126) -Brian Fuentes - Arredondo is a legitimate threat but, teams don't like to spend $8.75 million on set-up men. If he gets 85% of the save opps that K-Rod got he'll get 40 saves.

10. (127) - Lastings Milledge - A third power/speed threat

11. (154) - Chris Iannetta - Why couldn't he put up McCannish numbers? The fact that he'll get taken 100 picks later makes me love this pick

12. (155) - Troy Glaus - Took him pre-injury but, I'd already hated the pick

13. (182) - Jim Thome

14. (183) - Pablo Sandoval - I was under the impression that he'd be C eligible. Apparently he's not.

15. (210) - Mike Cameron - Went 24-17 in just 444 ab's after the suspension.

16. (211) - Chris Young (SP)

Breaking this down has helped me realize I'd struggle all year with average after taking Milledge, Glaus, Thome, and Cameron. I like the 4 power/speed combo players (Kinsler, Markakis, Milledge, and Cameron). Saves can be had throughout the year so I'm not overly worried with just the one closer although I'll look to add another soon. My strengths appear to be OF and SP. I still need to address SS, MI, and a 2nd C. I'd love to take back the Glaus and Sandoval picks given what we know about the injury and position elibility but, I keep hearing great things about Sandoval. If he gains C eligibility midseason he could make a great 2nd catcher. The strongest value picks in my estimation are Iannetta, Thome, and Cameron.

For more info on this draft go to Fantasy Baseball Trade Market

Your thoughts?